واحد رسمی نمایندگی دانشگاه EMU در قبرس/ PARVIZIAN

واحد رسمی نمایندگی دانشگاه EMU در قبرس/ PARVIZIAN واحد رسمی نمایندگی دانشگاه EMU در قبرس/ PARVIZIAN

این سامانه متعلق به نمایندگی رسمی دانشگاه مدیترانه شرقی قبرس است. خدماتِ این واحد شامل اخذ پذیرش دانشگاه EMU و بورسیه برای داوطلبان ایرانی رایگان است.

داوطلبان ایرانی که جهت تحصیل در قبرس، در مقاطع کارشناسی ، کارشناسی اَرشد و داروسازی بصورت مستقیم از طریق این سامانه اقدام به اخذ پذیرش نمایند، مشمول دریافتِ بورسیّه  50 درصدی دانشگاه EMU برای کلّ دوران تحصیل در قبرس می شوند. ( داروسازی بورسیه 50% ، 25% و 0% ) ، (پزشکی بدون بورسیه)

ما از موسسات اعزام دانشجو و همچنين دانشجويان هزينه اي جهت اعطاي پذيرش و بورسيه دريافت نميكنيم اگر موسسات از دانشجويان و داوطلبان هزينه اي دريافت كنند ما مسئوليتي درباره اين موضوع نداريم.


مدارک خود را به این ایمیل ارسال کنید ، پیغام اتوماتیک و نامه پذیرش به شما ایمیل خواهد شد:info@emu-edu.com

دانشجویان جدیدالورود در تمام مقاطع تحصیلی باید ابتدا در آزمون های زبان دانشگاه EMU شرکت کرده و با کسب نمره به دانشکده ای که در آن پذیرش شده اند راه یابند. این آزمون در 2 مرحله برگزار می شود:


مرحله اول: Placement Test

مرحله دوّم: Proficiency Test

در ادامه درباره هر کدام از این آزمون ها توضیحات جامع ارائه شده و قسمت های مختلف هر آزمون بصورت تفکیک شده بررسی شده اند



آزمون مقدماتی زبان انگلیسی دانشگاه EMU


تمامی دانشجویان جدیدالورود ملزم به شرکت کردن در آزمون ورودی دانشگاه EMU هستند. بخش اوّل آزمون که placement Test نام دارد و در واقع آزمون تعیین سطح است. این آزمون 2 هدف دارد:


1. تعیین سطح  زبان انگلیسی دانشجویان و قرار دادن دانشجویان در کلاس ها نسبت به نتیجه آزمون


2. مشخص کردن دانشجویانی که میتوانند در آزمون پیشرفته یا proficiency exam شرکت کنند


آزمون مقدماتی شامل 100 سوال در 4 بخش می شود، شنیداری ، گرامر و کلمات جدید ، خواندن متن ، مهارت گفتاری.


Listening – 20 questions

Language in use – 40 questions

Reading – 20 questions

Conversational skills – 20 questions


نمونه سوالات آزمون تعیین سطح به شرح زیر است:


Sample Questions





(There are 20 questions here. You will hear 4 different listening texts and answer 5 questions about each one.)



Sample Listening Questions:

                   e.g. The video shop is _____________________.

 a)  near a bus station

 b)  next to a train station

 c)  opposite a petrol station

                1. Each video costs £ _____________________.

               a) 1.50

               b) 2.00

               c) 5.00

                         2. The video club has a meeting _____________________.

               a) once a week

               b) once a month

               c) once a year



(You will answer 40 questions here. There are 4 cloze tests with 10 questions to test your grammar and vocabulary knowledge in this section.)

Instructions:       Read the following texts and fill in each blank with the most suitable alternative.

Sample Cloze

Sally is a mother and a professor at university. Every day she wakes up very early and she __3__ working. She has got a very busy day. She never has time for her needs but she has got __4__ exciting hobby. She is very happy with her hobby. Sally is a photographer and she loves __5__ photos when she has time. She has got a son and a daughter and she teaches __6__ to take photos. Her children also enjoy this activity very much. It is not __7__ to do everything at the same time but she works really hard. At the weekend, she gets ready for her students in her study room.


3.      a) employs          b) requires           c) starts                d) chooses

4.      a) a                         b) an                           c) the                              d) ---

5.      a) take                              b) takes                c) taking            d) to taking

6.     a) them                   b) their                        c) they                           d) they’re

7.      a)  rare                          b) easy                          c) difficult           d) dangerous



(You will read 4 texts and answer 20 questions in this section.)


Instructions: Read text 1 and do the task on the next page.

Sample Text

   Tourism in the Czech Republic


I.       The Czech Republic is enjoying a tourist increase that has become important to the country’s economy. In 1994, tourism brought ₤1.5 billion to the country and is expected to soon rise by 10%. “Tourism, one of our top money earners, is very important to the country,” says Jiri Cech, director of the Tourism Department.

II.      More than 17 million tourists came to explore the different sites of Prague, known as the “Golden City”, in 1994, and the increase continues. Private business people have improved the Czech capital with new shops, restaurants and cafes.  

III.     Although people were against the idea to build a luxury hotel, the capital has attracted many of the world’s leading hotel groups – including Hyatt, Hilton International and Holiday Inn. These hotels bid for sites in the Czech capital. “We are optimistic about what we can achieve in Prague, especially for future conventions and meetings,” says Daniel Durand, manager of the Prague Hilton Atrium.

IV.     What makes Prague special; however, are small friendly hotels like the Villa Voyta. This quiet and architecturally beautiful hotel, built in 1921, has become the first in the country to be accepted into the exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World Association.

V.      Foreign tourists are also beginning to discover attractions out of the capital and pouring cash directly into the farthest corners of the country. This has helped the economy. “It is very important for us to increase the options available for visitors exploring the Czech countryside,” observes Jiri Cech.

VI.     There are many places to see in the Czech Republic, which is busy renovating pre-war greatness. Whether the country gets full advantage from the still growing arrival of tourists depends on how successful it is in offering more new facilities while protecting its old world atmosphere.


Sample Questions

1.Which of the following is false according to the text? 

  1. There are improvements in the capital made by business people.
  2. People wanted to destroy the luxury hotels in the capital.  
  3. Daniel says he is positive about the future of Prague.
  4. There is a variety of places to visit in the Chez Republic.


2.‘leading’ in paragraph III means _____.

a) loyal                b) main                c) realistic            d) rotten



(You will complete 20 mini dialogs in this section.)


Instructions: Read and choose the best alternative to complete the dialogues.


Sample Question

  1. A: There is a party tonight!

B: Sounds interesting.

A: ____________________


  1. I went to a party last night.
  2. Would you like to come?
  3. You shouldn’t eat pizza.





آزمون پیشرفته - Proficiency TEST

دانشجویانی که موفق به قبولی از آزمون تعین سطح شوند به آزمون Proficiency  راه خواهند یافت که توضیحات این آزمون به همراه نمونه سوالات در ادامه درج شده است




SECTION 1-LISTENING (20 questions; 1 point each)


Part 1



Listen to the answer phone message from a travel agency. Make notes on the pad about the message. Do not use more than three words for each note. First, look at the notes. The first one is done for you. You will hear the message twice.









Part 2




You will hear an interview with a young TV soap opera star, Jack Benton. For questions 1-7 choose the best answer A, B, or C. You will hear the recording twice. Now, you have one minute to look at Part 2.



  1. Jack got a role in the soap opera because ____.
  1. he had a certificate in drama studies
  2. one of his friends was a TV star
  3. a TV star had just resigned


  1. Jack finds the most difficult part of his job is ____.
  1. remembering his lines
  2. pretending to be a bad person
  3. working with famous people


  1. How does Jack avoid the bad effects of fame?
  1. He reads about other actors’ experiences.
  2. He listens to his old friends.
  3. He follows his mother’s advice.


  1. What does Jack say about the clothes he wears?
  1. They are light-coloured.
  2. They are expensive.
  3. They are fashionable.


  1. What does Jack value most in his friends?
  1. They help him to relax.
  2. They listen to his problems.
  3. They protect him from his fans.


  1. What is Jack’s reason for not going to the gym?
  1. He prefers team sports.
  2. He is too busy.
  3. He thinks it is unnecessary.


  1. Jack’s dream for the future is____.
  1. to become a cinema actor
  2. to win a TV prize
  3. to become world-famous







Part 3



You will hear people talking in seven different situations. For questions 8-14 choose the best option A, B, or C. You will hear each conversation twice.

Now, you have one minute to look at Part 3.  


8.  You hear a young woman talking about a pop concert. Why is she complaining?


  1. The ticket was expensive.
  2. The songs were new.
  3. The hall was crowded.


9.  You hear a radio announcement which gives details of a future programme about

      books. What will the experts on the programme tell you?


  1. where you can sell the books
  2. how old the books are
  3. how much the books are worth


10.  You hear a woman talking on the phone. Who is she talking to?


  1. a doctor
  2. a friend
  3. a shop assistant


11.  You hear two people talking about an evening class. What kind of class was it?


  1. fitness
  2. dancing
  3. tennis


12.  You hear a man talking about his job. What does he do?


  1. He is a chef.
  2. He is a fisherman.
  3. He is a farmer.



13. You hear part of a radio play. Where does the scene take place?

a) in a restaurant

b) at a police station

c) in the street


14. You turn on the radio and hear a man talking. What are you listening to?

a) a competition

b) a lesson

c) an advertisement



SECTION II – READING (20 questions; 1.5 points each)


Instructions:  Read Text 1 and answer the questions on the next page.



Text 1



I.          Since he was a child, Don Cameron has always been into anything which flies.  He grew up on the outskirts of Glasgow and, as a student at Glasgow University, joined the University Air Squadron.  Interest in the mechanics of movement, if not flight, was a family tradition.  His grandfather was an engineer who turned his hand to making model steam engines and boats.


II.        Don Cameron’s first job was at Bristol Aircraft, where he worked as an engineer.  He then had jobs in the steelworks at Llanwern and at Rio-Tinto Zinc in Bristol, working with computers. In the mid-sixties, news of American experiments with hot air balloons crossed the Atlantic, and he and a couple of friends decided to build their own balloon.  This was probably the first hot air balloon used for sport in Western Europe, and they called it The Bristol Belle.  Soon after this, there were 300 balloons in the U.K. alone – and at least two-thirds of them had been made by the firm Don Cameron set up, Cameron Balloons.


III.       At the age of 40 he had already been halfway round the world by balloon.  In 1972, he piloted the first hot air balloon to cross the Swiss Alps; and later that year, he took part in what he calls ‘an odd expedition’ to the Sahara Desert, with two balloons and a truck to carry the gas.  He crossed the English Channel by balloon and even flew over the Arctic Circle in one.  “Before you fly there,” he remembers, “you are taught how to build igloos and survive in the snow and ice.  It’s a lovely place to fly over.”


IV.       “In the early days,” he recalls, “I used to work night and day.”  He looks down at his schedule for the following few days.  It includes a drive to France to make a delivery, plus reading proofs of a ballooning handbook he has written.  “I still don’t take it very easy,” he says.  He started the business in the basement of the large Victorian house where he lives with his wife Kim and their two children.  Now, Cameron Balloons has its own premises in an old church hall in Bristol, making about 350 balloons a year.  They include specially designed balloons for advertising purposes.  The firm exports all over the world and has set up a factory in America, where balloons are being made for them under licence.  The turnover is now around £7,000,000 a year.










Instructions:  Choose the best alternative according to the information in Text 1. Mark your answers on the optic answer sheet.




15.       Which of the following is true according to paragraph I?


a) Cameron’s interest in flying started at university.

b) Cameron’s family was also interested in ballooning.

c) His grandfather worked at the University Air Squadron as an engineer.

d) His grandfather’s hobbies were related to mechanics.


16.       Cameron’s first hot air sports balloon _____.

            a) was built in America

            b) was built by some American experts

            c) was built after some American experiments

            d) crossed the Atlantic in 1960’s


17.       In the 1960s, Don Cameron’s company, Cameron Balloons, _____.


a) built the first hot air sports balloon in America

b) was the only firm of its kind in Britain

c) made most of the sports balloons in Britain

d) was the largest hot air balloon firm in Europe


18.       The success of Don’s firm can be measured by the fact that he _____.


a) made 350 of the balloons in Britain

b) had orders to employ some people

c) delivered balloons to France

d) opened a factory in America


19.       ‘been into’ in paragraph I  means _____.


a) part of                                             b) interested in

c) afraid of                                          d) discouraged by


20.       ‘set up’ in paragraph IV means _____.


      a) established                                      b) trained        

c) found                                              d) used


21.       Which of the following could be the best title of the text?

a) Don Cameron’s family life

b) Hot air balloons in Europe

c) Don Cameron’s Passion

d) Experiments on hot air balloons



Instructions:  Read Text 2 and answer the questions on the next page.


Text 2

Europe on Smoking


I.          Europe is once again trying to get serious about the smoking problem.  Greece has rolled out new limits on tobacco use and advertising.  The Italian Senate has recently approved similar laws to support the country's earlier rules.


II.        The European Court of Justice has upheld rules that will force manufacturers to reduce levels of tar and nicotine in cigarettes, increase the size and darken the language of health warnings, and stop the use of terms like ‘mild’ and ‘light’ in packaging.  Eight days before, EU health ministers had approved a measure that would ban print tobacco advertising within months, and prohibit cigarette brands from sponsoring international spectator sports like Formula One racing, beginning in 2005.


III.       Both smokers and non-smokers now describe themselves as victims, and smoking wars are breaking out all over Europe.  So far, the smokers appear to be winning.  The door of the Paris power-lunch restaurant Le Pichet carries a rebellious message:  ‘Non-smokers Tolerated’. A client at The Clarence, one of London's oldest restaurants, asks a waiter to stop the smokers at the next table, and the waiter tells him, “Smoking is encouraged here to increase the enjoyment of the meal.”  In Denmark, there is no minimum age for purchasing tobacco, so 10-year-olds are free to light up just about anywhere except the classroom.


IV.       However, slow and painful progress is being made. Around 80% of British companies have voluntarily applied bans or restrictions on workplace smoking — a revolution that has also swept France, and that is now coming to Greece as well.  On the sidewalks outside Athens office buildings and hospitals, puffing workers stand together and the cigarette ends pile up, but the air inside is clean.  In France, anti-smoking activists say they’re far happier seeing 10 smokers break the law than the 100 who used to puff away legally.


V.        If the philosophical argument against smoking restrictions is weak, the influence of those who profit from the weed is not.  Estimates put the tobacco industry's worldwide annual sales at $300 to $400 billion, and 12% of that comes from Europe.  And despite the spread of anti-smoking legislation and increased tobacco taxation across Europe, industry profits remain solid — around €134.8 billion in 2001 for the six largest firms alone.  Those dissuasive measures have helped reduce smoking levels from 47% of the EU's adult population in 1987 to around 30% today.


VI.       With smoking rates declining fastest among adult males, tobacco companies are now successfully roping in women and young people.  The percentage of women who smoke is on the rise throughout the EU, and now averages around 27%.  The smoking population of people aged 15-24 is 36.8%.  In France, the overall number of smokers is in decline, but the ranks of young tobacco fiends have expanded to include 6% of 13-year-olds, 36% of 16-year-olds, and a whopping 51% of 19-year-olds. 




Instructions: Read Text 2 and match each paragraph (I-VI) with the correct summary (a-g). There is ONE EXTRA summary.  One has been done as an example (e.g., I-d). 


e.g.      Paragraph I   __d­­__     a)  difficulties in public between smokers and non-smokers


22.       Paragraph II    _____     b)  improvements in the application of the current laws

                                                        about smoking


23.       Paragraph III   _____    c)  the number of people dying every year due to smoking



24.       Paragraph IV   _____     d) some European countries fighting against smoking                                      


25.       Paragraph V    _____     e) some statistical information about the gender and age of                                                       smokers


26.       Paragraph VI   _____     f) the latest decisions made by the EU about the tobacco



                                              g) the amount of the profit gained by tobacco companies 




Task B

Instructions:  Choose the best answer according to the information in Text 2. 


27.       According to Paragraph IV _____.


  1. Most companies in Britain are against the idea of banning smoking in workplaces
  2. People who are against smoking in France are not satisfied with the new restrictions
  3. People complain that most offices in Athens are smoky
  4. There has been a considerable improvement in making restrictions on smoking.


28.       ‘dissuasive’ in paragraph V means _____.


  1. reflective
  2. effective
  3. selective
  4. conservative






Instructions:  Read Text 3 and answer the questions on the next page.


Text 3

The Sands of Time

I           __(e.g.) i __ you’re stepping on ancient mountains, skeletons of animals, and even tiny diamonds.  Sand provides a record of earth-changing processes.  If we look at it, we can discover there an account of a geological past and a history of marine life that __29__.

II         What exactly is sand?  Well, it is larger than fine dust and smaller than shingle.  In fact, according to the most generally accepted measure, grains qualify if their diameter is greater than 0.06 of a millimetre and less than 0.6 of a millimetre.  __30__ sand can be made of tiny pebbles or porous granules.  Its grains may have the shape of stars or spirals, their edges jagged or smooth.  They come from the erosion of rocks, from the skeletons of marine organisms, or even from volcanic eruptions.

III        Colour is another clue to sand’s origins.  If it is dazzling white, its grains may come from nearby coral.  On Pacific islands, jet black sand is made of volcanic minerals.  Red iron oxide sand __31__.  Yellow sand in Germany and Poland are remains from the Ice Age.  The most precious sand is in Namibia, Angola, and Zaire, where __32__.  Most of the world’s sand, though, is mainly largely transparent quartz.

IV        __33__ and later carried to the shore by the waves.  Calcium carbonate dissolved in water, for example, becomes too concentrated to remain in solution any longer and precipitates out in greyish-white, egg-shaped grains.  Sand made of the remains of marine organisms can include both plant and animal debris and their colour ranges from cream to orange.

V         __34__ but it has one vital function you might never even notice.  Sand cushions our land from the sea’s impact, and geologists say it often does a better job protecting our shores than the most advanced coastal technology.
















Instructions:  Match each phrase below (a-i) with the correct gap in Text 3.  The first one has been done as an example (e.g., i). There are two extra phrases. Mark your answers on the optic answer sheet.


  1. More sands are generated on the sea bed or in the ocean waters themselves,
  2. diamond deposits on some beaches make it worth collecting and selling 
  3. volcanic sand is usually not very good for plants
  4. Depending on its age and origin,
  5. goes back thousands, and in some cases, millions of years
  6. Sand is an irreplaceable industrial ingredient with many uses,
  7. Children play on it and make castles from it,
  8. is often found on beaches along the coast of north Africa
  9. When you are on the beach,































SECTION IV – WRITING (25 points)


Instructions: Use one of the following topics to write an essay of about 250 WORDS.  Use a suitable format and the necessary linkers.  Your essay will be graded according to content, organisation, accuracy, and use of vocabulary.





Although there are a lot of wealthy nations, there are poorer nations as well. Some people argue that wealthy nations should be required to share their wealth among poorer nations. However, some other say that it is a responsibility of the governments of poorer nations to look after their nations. Discuss and give your reasons with specific details.





Traffic accidents is the greatest problem of some countries. The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to make all young drivers complete a safe driving education before being licensed to drive. Discuss and give your reasons with specific details.
















Answer Key






Listening Part 1:




1. Reason for call:


New/changed flight details

2. Reason for cancellation:

(the) unsold seats/not enough profit/not profitable

3. New flight departure date:


August 31/31 August

4. New departure time:



5. New flight number:


BT 612

6. Extra cost:


None/No/Nothing/- -



Listening Part 2:


1-C            6. B

2-A            7. A





Listening Part 3:


  1. B
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C







SECTION II – Reading



Correct Answer


Correct Answer


Correct Answer







































































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